Sports Betting For Kansas Residents

Residents of Kansas will find that there are a way for you to bet on sports without too much trouble. This lies within the fact that you will be able to use the Internet for betting on sports. There are no problems that can come from wagering through the Internet, provided you do not actually violate any other laws. Kansas is actually pretty friendly toward gamblers. The laws have been laid out in a fairly easy to read way, and you will not have to work too hard in order to find the rules and regulations regarding gambling in the state. Sports betting is easy enough to make money with, and you will find that the best way to participate is through our various sports betting sites.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Kansas Residents

In order to promote a safe and enriching sports betting environment, we had decided to test out a variety of different betting sites accepting Kansas residents. We had not stopped with just a few of the basic locations, as we had made it our goal to provide the most fulfilling experience possible. By testing out a large number of sites, we had figured out where our readers should bet. In testing the various options, we had looked at bonuses, deposits, fairness and how well the odds pay. We do not allow low quality sites into our midst, as there is simply no time to be wasted on trash gambling sites. Betting is chaotic and unpredictable enough, which is why sticking to the best books are important.

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Is sports betting legal in Kansas?

The laws regarding sports betting in Kansas are fairly limited. Having flipped through the statutes we saw very little about sports betting. Even then we saw absolutely nothing about online sports gambling. One of the main reasons we feel that it is not a crime to gamble in the state is that there is no ban written specifically to make it a crime to gamble online.

Kansas Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

In the state of Kansas you will find no particular ban on sports gambling on the Internet. There is part of the statute, and this says that gambling is "making a bet," and that this is a class B misdemeanor. This is vague, very open to interpretation, and could potentially be described as making any form of bet illegal. We do not necessarily think this implies that online sports gambling is illegal, but we are also not attorneys. You may want to contact a lawyer before you decide to start laying odds, as this is the only way to figure out if what is written into chapter 21, section 4303 makes it a crime for you to gamble on sports over the Internet.

Legal Gambling Age For Kansas Residents

Kansans who are at least 21 years of age can start gambling on sports without too much trouble. There is the trouble of the statutory laws that have confused us, but the gambling age of 21 pretty much forces you to be above this age or you could face civil problems, such as having your money confiscated.

Land Based Gambling In Kansas

Casino White Cloud, Golden Eagle Casino, Harrah's Prairie Band Casino, Potawatomi Nation Bingo, Sac & Fox Casino, The woodlands, Wichita Greyhound Park

A number of different gaming facilities exist in the state of Kansas. You will not find any sports betting locations, but there are some pari-mutuel facilities that accept bets on horses and dogs. This is the closest you will come to being able to wager on sports in Kansas without turning to the Internet. These betting locations may not host the largest assortment of bets, but the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act limits how many options Kansas can explore.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Kansas

1) Since Kansas is not included in the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, how is it legal for bettors to wager in the state?

The PASPA only covers whether or not a state can authorize a betting scheme, not whether or not players can bet from within the state's borders.

2) Isn't it implied that these sites are illegal if they are not regulated?

No. These sites are not illegal because they are not regulated. They are licensed off shore, and thus they operate legally.

3) How easily can I fund my account through these sportsbooks?

Loading your account is as simple as entering the number on your credit card.

4) My credit card has failed to deposit even though my account has sufficient funds. Why?

Banking restrictions sometimes make it so credit cards are rejected. This is normal and nothing to be worried about.

5) Is my credit card rejected because this is an illegal transaction?

No. Your credit card is rejected because some banks deem online gambling to be a high risk activity.

6) What alternative funding methods exist to help me fund my account?

E-checks, wire transfers, e-wallets and prepaid cards are all viable deposit methods.

7) If I deposit with a credit card, how can I withdraw my winnings?

Withdrawals are generally made with checks or wire transfers after you deposit with a credit card.

8) What is the turn around time on a withdrawal with a check?

You will have your winnings in your hand within two weeks time, though it can sometimes take up to a month.

9) Where can I find the Kansas sports betting laws online?

You can find the Kansas gambling statutes here.

10) Why do I have to verify my identification before I cash out?

This is done for three reasons - first to prove you are who you say you are (fraud protection), second to make sure you are old enough to gamble (age verification), and to prevent charge backs so you can't deposit, win, cash out, then dispute the charge.

If you are not sure if these U.S. online sportsbooks legal then we suggest that you talk to a lawyer if you are really worried about getting in trouble.

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